Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Birthdays...

Well, the summer has come and gone, as it always does. I still can't believe that it's over. The girls have started school and the routine of life is moving forward. We had a practically perfect summer, which I'm so grateful for. There are two summer birthdays in the family, so I figured I'd update everyone on the celebrations.
First of all, BRINLEY IS ONE!
Truthfully, I can't believe it. I feel like I just barely had her. Where has the time gone? About a month before her birthday, Brinley's red-headed attitude came out. We LOVE it. In German, they have a saying that is, "She has pepper in her blood." That fits Brinley so well, because she is SPICY. If she wants something, she let's us know. She will point and yell. When she gets frustrated, her face turns bright red and she screams at the top of her lungs. It's not a cry, but a scream! It's really funny.
Here are a few pictures from her celebration. We kept it simple. Just the five of us. And yes, she did get a ton of presents, but they are all hand-me-down gifts from when the big girls turned one. Well, we did buy her one thing. She doesn't know the difference, right? :)

Sean is the other summer birthday that we get to celebrate. He turned 32 on August 19th. His birthday is also the anniversary of when we got engaged. It's been seven whole years crazy.
Sean's birthday was pretty simple as well. We had our friends, the DeMills, over for cake and ice cream, and he opened his one present, a Brian Regan DVD. Here are a few pictures of the big day.

Pretty great cake, right? Oh yeah. I'm a good wife. :)
Sean's real celebration actually took place a few days before his birthday. We went to Cedar Point, which is an amusement park in northern Ohio. The kids stayed behind (thank you Britt!) which made for a practically perfect day. Don't get me wrong. We adore our babies. But it's hard to go on the big thrill rides with little ones tagging along!
We had ice cream for dinner. How much better could it get?

Here we are in the parking lot, saying goodbye to a great day. So sad to leave!

That about sums up our summer of birthdays! We have a few months off before the mad rush of holidays begins. Avery's birthday in October, Halloween, our anniversary in November, Thanksgiving, my birthday in December, Christmas, Anika's birthday 3 days after Christmas, New Years, etc. It's going to be a fun couple of months!


  1. LOVE the basketball cake, so cute. And we were so sad that we never made it to Cedar Point while we lived in KY. We tried to go this spring, but it didn't open until after we moved, sad. Looks like a fantastic day though...Grant would be jealous of the ice cream for dinner :)

  2. I can't believe she's already 1! Great idea on the hand me down gifts. If we bought new toys for each kid our house would be overrun with transformers. It's nice when they don't know the difference.
    Having a whole day to yourselves sounds wonderful. Kids are great, but I definitely appreciate them more after I'm away from them for a little bit. :)